In an effort to be more culturally sensitive and respectful, we are phasing out White Sage from our products and eliminating the use of the word "Smudge". We recognize that the word "Smudge" and the use of White Sage is not ours to use and are honored to be able to do better for Indigenous communities. We hope that the fires of California will pass and White Sage will continue on to flourish and be protected from ill-will and ill-intentions.  In place of White Sage, we are offering a wide range of cleansing and energetically helpful botanicals. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.


We are a women owned company in beautiful Santa Fe, NM. Ark Made was born in 2016. We began with our Crystal Aromatherapy Mists and have continued to grow through the years. We are so grateful to be able to offer these special and sacred treasures, botanicals, and tools to those that are called to them. 

We hope that these treasures find a special place in your life and of those you love!