New Moon Ritual | Honoring the Moon and Her Energy at Every Moon Phase

New Moon Ritual | Honoring the Moon and Her Energy at Every Moon Phase


The New Moon exudes the energy of new beginnings and the beginning of a cycle. If we look at the moon phases as a full cycle, this would be the beginning. In the tarot, the New Moon would be The Fool card in the Major Arcana. 

Amidst the darkness that the New Moon brings, the energy is rich with possibility and opportunity. It is a time to make room for the new journey ahead through the different phases of the Moon and embrace the clean slate that the New Moon brings. It is also the time to gather and organize scattered thoughts, and plan for the journey ahead. 

Self talk is *very* important during this time. Negative self-talk such as "I can't...", "I'll never be able...", or "I'm not good enough...", etc. is not the way to begin your journey or the cycle ahead. Keep your self-sabotage at bay the best you can.

One way to keep self-sabotage at bay is to do the following ritual:

All you need is a piece of paper, pen, all of those negative thoughts and a White Candle. It doesn't have to be a fancy candle. You can also use a Black Candle if that is more handy. White and Black candles in Candle Magic are great for calling in protective and cleansing energy. Ignite your candle then take a seat in a safe space. Then, write. Let it all out. Release all of the negative and non-supportive things you have in your head and get it out on paper. Got rage? Let it out on the paper. Filled with Anxiety? Doodle it out. Any way that feels right and releasing to you is the correct way to fill the paper. Go for the front and back if you need to. Or just a sentence. 


Burn it.

Ignite it in the flame of the candle. Be sure to do this in a fire-safe space. I like to burn things outside on my concrete patio. But if you do not have access to that, a large dish will do, or the tile floor of your kitchen, or even  in the bathroom sink where you can easily turn on the water if need be. 

Once all of your negative self-talk is thoroughly burned, you can ignite a cleansing botanical such as Palo Santo or Rosemary and cleanse the space and yourself. 

Now that you have the mental space, you can make plans and mentally prepare to take leaps. You may not know where these plans will take you - it could be somewhere unexpected. But taking that leap of faith with positive self talk and inner support is important. Because you are worthy and you can do it.