How to Charge + Cleanse a Pendulum

How to Charge + Cleanse a Pendulum

Begin by cleansing your pendulum with Palo Santo or Sage. Hold your pendulum close to your heart and ask it to be loyal, true, and trust you with the information it shares with you. Dangle the pendulum by holding the top of hte chain between your pointer finger and thumb. You can hold your pendulum over the palm of your other hand or over a pendulum chart. Decide what and who you will consult; whether it be your guides, your higher self, or the pendulum itself. Ask the pendulum one true question to establish ‘Yes’ and one false question to establish ‘No’. Then ask away and let the answers flow!

Remember to remain grounded and still while using your pendulum. When you are finished, keep your pendulum in a velvet bag, wrapped in silk, or in you pocket accompanied by a Black Tourmaline to ward off any energetic baggage.


Continually cleansing and charging your pendulum is important because it keeps it energetically useful and unburdened. It is important to let your pendulum know that it is okay to let go of any energetic baggage it may be carrying.

Start by igniting a piece of Palo Santo or White Sage. Take your pendulum and hold it in the thick of the sacred smoke. Energetically thank your pendulum for its guidance and allow it to let go of any energy that is burdening it, and ask it to continue to support you and your journey. Cleanse your pendulum as often as you think is necessary. the more you interact with your pendulum the more cleansing it needs.

Connect your pendulum to Mother Earth and infuse it with the magic wisdom of the Moon by charging it in the light of the Full Moon.