The Magic of Smudge

The Magic of Smudge

Smudge Kits

Wild Lavender Leaf

Wild Lavender Leaf for Better Sleep + Anger Release

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Crystal Moon Water Jars

Make Crystal Charged Water for Ritual and Intention Setting

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Celestial Blue Salt

Blue Salt to Connect with Celestial Beings and Receiving Guidance

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High Desert Enchantment Sage

Rich and Aromatic High Desert Mountain Sage for Cleansing + Positivity

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Twin Flame Beeswax Ritual Tapers

Authentic Love

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The blend of natural ingredients in this “Protection Spray” brings a wonderful relaxing and inspiring aroma into any room and fills the space with a peaceful feeling.


In these first several months of new motherhood, this spray has helped me maintain a level and loving mind on numerous occasions. Each spritz is just enough to make me feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next parental crisis.



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Divination Tools to connect with guides, ancestors, and to get clarity on your next move.

Sustainable + Thoughtful

We strive for mindfulness + sustainability. Learn where our herbs and crystals come from, how we operate, and our history.

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Sage in Abalone | Smudge + Cleansing


Cord Cutting Candle Ritual

  Warning: this ritual is a fire hazard! Perform this ritual in a fire-safe space. Do not conduct this ritual near anything flammable, keep away from fabrics, woods, flammable liquid,...

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cleanse + recharge

cleanse + recharge