The Magic of Smudge

The Magic of Smudge

Smudge Kits

Moon Quartz

Abundance + Road Opening

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Dragon's Blood + Mountain Sage

Emotional + Spiritual Strength

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Rose of Jericho

Resurrection Fern for Abundance + Prosperity

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Moon Water Jars

Brew Your Own Crystal Charged Water

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Divination Tools to connect with guides, ancestors, and to get clarity on your next move.

Sustainable + Thoughtful

We strive for mindfulness + sustainability. Learn where our herbs and crystals come from, how we operate, and our history.

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Sage in Abalone | Smudge + Cleansing


Candle Magic

Burning candles can be a powerful way to call down specific energies, guidance, healing, and love. Candles dressed with herbs, oils, and set with intentions are wonderful tools to help...

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cleanse + recharge

cleanse + recharge